The DIY Guide to Outdoor Patio Swing Beds

I must confess, I honestly adore having a swing bed hanging on my front porch. It’s actually an excellent way to relax. What sounds more appealing? Sleeping in a hammock, or stretching out on a full-size bed? With a little time and effort, the swinging bed can be an incredibly comfy location for reading your newest book. As an extra bonus, even young children will not mind taking naps provided that it’s on a nifty floating mattress outside. When most people discover swing beds, they immediately start daydreaming about all of the different ways they’ll be taking naps in the future. Am I right?

If your porch is big enough, you can add matching twin swing beds. It will be perfect for entertaining guests overnight or for a relaxing afternoon snooze with your significant other.

I’m sure you might be asking yourself, what’s the hanging procedure like? How can I get my swing bed swinging? Before you do anything, make sure you have secure anchor points on the ceiling with distances that roughly match the bed corners. Then, pre-drill and install the eyebolts in the corners of the bed frame. Now that the frame is finished and ready for hanging, place the bed on the porch beneath the region you have defined as your anchor points. Attach four more eyebolts to the ceiling joists directly over your swing bed eyebolts. In case there are no joists located there, add 2 x 6 steel braces and install 4 eyebolts through the ceiling into your braces. Regardless of how excited you are to use your swing bed, never under any circumstance anchor to drywall only. After you’ve installed secure ceiling support, attach each rope to your anchor points and slowly remove the sawhorses or small table holding up your patio swing bed.

Virtually any location that receives its share of warm sunshine has to be excellent place to hang an outdoor swing bed. Most of the people I know with a porch swing bed or patio swing bed are totally satisfied with their choice. But imagine if you have a wonderful outdoor garden? Wouldn’t that be nice too? Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Even better, let your imagination run wild!

When the kids are not using the porch swing bed like a playground, it can be a wonderful place to escape with your favorite book for a peaceful evening.

If you want to dress your swing bed for more comfort, there are actually endless opportunities at your fingertips. A well known idea among outdoor swing bed enthusiasts is to use a mattress cover that’s extremely soft, or even a pillow top mattress so long as the bed is protected from the elements. Yet another good idea is to use 5, six, 7, or more decorative pillows around the outsides of the bed. If you use lots of colors it can really spice up your porch or patio. You can just do a few simple things to enhance the look and feel of your front porch, or you can push the limit and do some totally creative stuff. It’s completely up to you. If you look for these products, you can get some really eye-catching multi-colored cushions for your do-it-yourself outdoor furniture challenge on the web.